Research Chemicals

We can provide various kinds of research chemicals , such as Ethylone (BK-MDEA), M11(MDDM) , 4-BMC ,A-PVP , AB-PINACA , Ethylphenidate , 25I-NBOME , etc .Trial order and large demand can be supplied .All these are for research purpose .

Plant Extract

Plant extracts refers to adopt appropriate solvents or methods,from a Plant (the whole or part of) for the extraction of raw materials or processing of the material, can be used to improve health or other purposes.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Medical Intermediates are used in some chemical raw materials in the process of drug synthesis process or chemical products .

Reagent Chemicals

It is with all kinds of standards of purity for teaching, scientific research, analysis, testing, and can be used as needed by some new industrial pure and ultra pure functional materials and raw materials of fine chemicals